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Tammaru, T. (author), Marcinzak, S (author), Aunap, R. (author), van Ham, M. (author)
The aim of this paper is to get new insight into the complex relationship between social inequalities and socioeconomic segregation by undertaking a comparative study North and South European cities. Our main finding shows that during the last global economic cycle from the 1980s through the 2000s, both levels of social inequalities and socio...
working paper 2017
Stromgren, M. (author), Tammaru, T. (author), Van Ham, M. (author), Marcinzak, S. (author), Stjernstrom, O. (author), Lindgren, U. (author)
In addition to neighbourhoods of residence, family and places of work play important roles in producing and reproducing ethnic segregation. Therefore, recent research on ethnic segregation and contact is increasingly turning its attention from residential areas towards other important domains of daily interethnic contact. The key innovation of...
journal article 2011