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Mardaljevic, J. (author), Brembilla, E. (author)
Aperture-based daylight modelling (ABDM) is a new building simulation paradigm founded on measures of an aperture's 'connectedness' to the sun and the external environment. At the planning level, there currently does not exist anywhere an evaluative schema which is equally applicable to measures of solar energy potential (for PV performance,...
conference paper 2022
Brembilla, E. (author), Drosou, N. C. (author), Mardaljevic, J. (author)
Climate-Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM) methods have been validated against long-term measurements in laboratory settings and found to exhibit errors small enough to make such assessments useful for daylight performance prediction. However, real occupied spaces are affected by a higher number of uncertainties than laboratory or controlled...
journal article 2022