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Humphreys, P.C. (author), Kalb, N. (author), Morits, J.P.J. (author), Schouten, R.N. (author), Vermeulen, R.F.L. (author), Twitchen, Daniel J. (author), Markham, Matthew (author), Hanson, R. (author)
Large-scale quantum networks promise to enable secure communication, distributed quantum computing, enhanced sensing and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics through the distribution of entanglement across nodes <sup>1-7</sup>. Moving beyond current two-node networks <sup>8-13</sup> requires the rate of entanglement generation between nodes...
journal article 2018
Reiserer, A.A. (author), Kalb, N. (author), Blok, M.S. (author), van Bemmelen, Koen J M (author), Taminiau, T.H. (author), Hanson, R. (author), Twitchen, Daniel J. (author), Markham, Matthew (author)
The realization of a network of quantum registers is an outstanding challenge in quantum science and technology. We experimentally investigate a network node that consists of a single nitrogen-vacancy center electronic spin hyperfine coupled to nearby nuclear spins. We demonstrate individual control and readout of five nuclear spin qubits...
journal article 2016