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Martínez, Ariadna (author), Liaudat, J. (author), López, Carlos Maria (author), Carol, Ignacio (author)
In Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) sites, an important element of risk to be considered is the integrity of the cement seals of the abandoned wells in the reservoir [1]. The main goal of abandonment procedure once the life of a well is completed is to provide an effective isolation of the reservoir fluids in order to reduce environmental risk of...
conference paper 2022
Martínez, Ariadna (author), Liaudat, J. (author), López, Carlos M. (author), Carol, Ignacio (author)
In the framework of the Finite Element Method, zero-thickness interface elements have been widely used to model fracturing processes in quasi-brittle materials in a broad variety of problems. In particular, interface elements equipped with elastoplastic constitutive laws that account for the softening of the material strength parameters due...
journal article 2022