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González Cortina, Mariano (author), Saiz Martínez, P. (author), Martínez, F. (author), Viñas Arrebola, C. (author)
Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) raises an environmental problem due both to the lack of prevention in their production process and little use of recycled material. In order to improve this situation, over the last years the new legislation on the CDW has entered into force, fostering the recovery of waste at its end-of-life and...
conference paper 2017
Hemelaar, S. R. (author), de Boer, P. (author), Chipaux, M. (author), Zuidema, W. (author), Hamoh, T. (author), Perona Martinez, F. (author), Nagl, A. (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author), Giepmans, B. N.G. (author), Schirhagl, R. (author)
Nanodiamonds containing fluorescent nitrogen-vacancy centers are increasingly attracting interest for use as a probe in biological microscopy. This interest stems from (i) strong resistance to photobleaching allowing prolonged fluorescence observation times; (ii) the possibility to excite fluorescence using a focused electron beam ...
journal article 2017