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Baloch, Hassan (author), Grunewald, S. (author), Matthys, Stijn (author)
There is a need to develop innovative repair materials which can overcome the challenges of cement-based repair mortars being relatively prone to shrinkage effects. In practice, free shrinkage of repair mortar is often considered as an indicator for potential cracking and delamination of applied repair mortars due to restrained shrinkage...
journal article 2023
Krajnović, Ivana (author), Matthys, Stijn (author)
Repair mortars are costly materials with high level of Portland cement and various additives which questions their eco-efficiency. In this respect, cement free material solutions such as alkali-activated mortars based on ground granulated blast furnace slag (BFS) are gaining interest for structural repair. The aim of this research is to study...
conference paper 2021