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Kisekka, Isaya (author), Peddinti, Srinivasa Rao (author), Kustas, William P. (author), McElrone, Andrew J. (author), Bambach-Ortiz, Nicolas (author), McKee, Lynn (author), Bastiaanssen, W.G.M. (author)
High-resolution spatial–temporal root zone soil moisture (RZSM) information collected at different scales is useful for a variety of agricultural, hydrologic, and climate applications. RZSM can be estimated using remote sensing, empirical equations, or process-based simulation models. Machine learning (ML) approaches for evaluating RZSM...
journal article 2022
Cosh, Michael H. (author), Ochsner, Tyson E. (author), McKee, Lynn (author), Dong, Jingnuo (author), Basara, Jeffrey B. (author), Evett, Steven R. (author), Hatch, Christine E. (author), Small, Eric E. (author), Steele-Dunne, S.C. (author), Zreda, Marek (author), Sayde, Chadi (author)
In situ soil moisture monitoring networks are critical to the development of soil moisture remote sensing missions as well as agricultural and environmental management, weather forecasting, and many other endeavors. These in situ networks utilize a variety of sensors and installation practices, which confounds the development of a unified...
journal article 2016