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Torres-Freyermuth, Alec (author), López-Ramade, Eduardo (author), Medellín, Gabriela (author), Arriaga, Jaime (author), Franklin, Gemma L. (author), Salles, Paulo (author), Uribe, Abigail (author), Appendini, Christian M. (author)
Coastal erosion is critical in many locations along the northern Yucatan Peninsula. The area is characterized by a micro-tidal regime and low-energy wave conditions, with a high-incidence angle with respect to the shoreline. Port and harbor infrastructure for fisheries, commercial, and tourist activities has promoted the growth of coastal...
journal article 2023
Arriaga, Jaime (author), Medellin, Gabriela (author), Ojeda, Elena (author), Salles, Paulo (author)
Video monitoring has become an indispensable tool to understand beach processes. However, the measurement accuracy derived from the images has been taken for granted despite its dependence on the calibration process and camera movements. An easy to implement self-fed image stabilization algorithm is proposed to solve the camera movements....
journal article 2022