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Meijer, Berend (author)
The aim of this thesis is to propose a simple technique to estimate the maximum impact forces acting on bridge piers in the event of ship collisions. This technique is determined for Dutch commercial inland waterway ships (CEMT classes) and set up to be applied by bridge engineers to determine the required bridge pier strength. Many collision...
master thesis 2020
Frouws, Eveline (author), Frölke, Reinier (author), Maarse, Nadieh (author), van den Heuvel, Oscar (author), Meijer, Berend (author)
Vietnam is one of the five countries that is severely affected by the consequences of climate change. The extreme weather conditions and the increase of the sea level results in floods in the Mekong Delta, located in the South of Vietnam. Can Tho city, found in the heart of the Mekong Delta, is one of the cities that copes with water related...
student report 2019