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Miesen, N. (author)
Carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRPs) are increasingly used in the aerospace industry because they offer lightweight construction and design flexibility. As sustainability becomes more important in business and to consumers, these materials help vehicles use less fuel and become more durable. The aerospace industry started the development of...
doctoral thesis 2018
Miesen, N. (author), Sinke, J. (author), Groves, R.M. (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
The novelty of the research is the detection of different types of flaws in the prepreg carbon fibre-reinforced fibres (CFRP) layup compared to in cured products. This paper presents the development of a new method for in situ detection of prepreg CFRP production flaws combining laser displacement sensors and analytical modelling. Experimental...
journal article 2015
Miesen, N. (author), Mizutani, Y. (author), Groves, R.M. (author), Sinke, J. (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
This paper demonstrates that existing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques have potential during the production phase in addition to their application for maintenance and for in-flight monitoring. Flaws occur during composite fabrication in industry, due to an imperfect process control and human errors. This decreases production...
conference paper 2011