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Miljak, L. (author), Poulsen, C.B. (author), van Spaendonck, Flip (author)
The goal of automated refactoring is to reduce maintenance effort. To realize this, programmers need to be able to trust or manually check that refactorings actually preserve behavior. To allow programmers to focus on such checks, automated refactorings should preserve program well-typedness. However, historically automated refactorings in...
conference paper 2023
van der Wal, R. (author), Kuipers, M.E. (author), Miljak, L. (author), de Vries, J.N. (author)
Robots play an increasingly large role in society and some material already exists that allows children to program robots in elementary school. However, this material often neglects the interactive capabilities of modern robots. The aim of this project is to teach children how to write interactive programs for a robot. For this purpose, a NAO...
bachelor thesis 2017