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Adwani, Dheeraj (author), Pipintakos, Georgios (author), Mirwald, Johannes (author), Wang, Yudi (author), Hajj, Ramez (author), Guo, Meng (author), Liang, Meichen (author), Jing, R. (author), Varveri, Aikaterini (author)
Oxidative aging induces significant stiffening of asphalt binders that leads to a pronounced reduction in the overall durability of asphalt pavements. The strategic implementation of antioxidant additives provides a potential solution to alleviate this issue. This work presents results from the second phase of the global consortium for...
journal article 2024
Adwani, Dheeraj (author), Sreeram, Anand (author), Pipintakos, Georgios (author), Mirwald, Johannes (author), Wang, Yudi (author), Hajj, Ramez (author), Jing, R. (author), Bhasin, Amit (author)
The design and use of antioxidant additives to reduce or slow down the aging of asphalt binders can bring about tremendous benefits to the asphalt industry. Despite many isolated and scattered research efforts showing mixed results, the application of this science to engineering-based solutions has been limited due to variability in results and...
journal article 2023