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Tang, Chen (author), Tukker, Arnold (author), Sprecher, Benjamin (author), Mogollón, José M. (author)
The European Union (EU) has set a 37.5% GHG reduction target in 2030 for the mobility sector, relative to 1990 levels. This requires increasing the share of zero-emission passenger vehicles, mainly in the form of electric vehicles (EVs). This study calculates future GHG emissions related to passenger vehicle manufacturing and use based on...
review 2023
Kortleve, Anniek J. (author), Mogollón, José M. (author), Heimovaara, T.J. (author), Gebert, J. (author)
Urbanization influences soil carbon (C) stocks and flows, which, in turn, affect soil-derived ecosystem services. This paper explores soil C storage in urban greenspaces in the Dutch city of The Hague along a transect from the suburban seaside towards the city centre, reflecting a toposequence from dune to peaty inland soils. C storage and C...
journal article 2022