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Aydoğan, Reyhan (author), Baarslag, T. (author), Fujita, Katsuhide (author), Hoos, Holger H. (author), Jonker, C.M. (author), Mohammad, Yasser (author), Renting, B.M. (author)
An international competition for negotiating agents has been organized for years to facilitate research in agent-based negotiation and to encourage the design of negotiating agents that can operate in various scenarios. The 13th International Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC 2022) was held in conjunction with IJCAI2022. In...
conference paper 2023
Aydoğan, Reyhan (author), Baarslag, T. (author), Fujita, Katsuhide (author), Mell, Johnathan (author), Gratch, Jonathan (author), de Jonge, Dave (author), Mohammad, Yasser (author), Nakadai, Shinji (author), Morinaga, Satoshi (author), Osawa, Hirotaka (author), Aranha, Claus (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
The Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC) is a yearly-organized international contest in which participants from all over the world develop intelligent negotiating agents for a variety of negotiation problems. To facilitate the research on agent-based negotiation, the organizers introduce new research challenges every year. ANAC...
conference paper 2020