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Monclus Abadal, Albert (author)
Sandy barriers comprise 12% of coastlines around the world, and most of these barriers enclose tidal bays and lagoons. These systems accommodate human settlements vulnerable to climate change, which offer enough economic, social, and environmental utility to require further research on the impact of climate change and subsequent best management...
master thesis 2018
Monclus Abadal, Albert (author), Dornhelm, Esther (author), Mohamed Khaled Aly Mohamed Elakel, Mohamed (author), Feys, Charles (author), Naderi, Nader (author)
The climate goals for 2020, that multiple countries in the world signed, are coming closer. Like many other countries, the Netherlands has difficulties reaching their climate goal. A solution came from the Paris agreement in 2015, which sets new goals for 2030, and eventually for the long term in 2050. This time the Netherlands is eager to reach...
student report 2017