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Moncrieff, Neil (author)
A possible consequence of the contemporary re-evaluation of Dutch flood and water management strategies could be a return to more naturalistic estuarine conditions within the Southwest Delta. This has the potential to re-animate natural systems and habitats as well as bolster cultural connections to, and across, this landscape. <br/><br/>But how...
master thesis 2018
Areso Rossi, Ainoa (author), Grigoris, Xenofon (author), Moncrieff, Neil (author), Oosterom, Marieke (author), van Overstraten Kruijsse, Femke (author), Suijkens, Sven (author)
Japan and the Netherlands have very different physical, historical and cultural contexts but they share a vulnerability to extreme flood related events and have, in both their (relatively) recent pasts, had to recover from such events: be they the floods of 1953 in the Netherlands or the tsunami that hit Japan’s east coast in 2011. This paper...
student report 2018