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Mousivand, A. (author)
Vegetation is the main source of primary production and plays an important role inmodeling the exchanges of energy and mass of carbon, oxygen and water between the earth and the atmosphere. Mapping andmonitoring of vegetation canopies are crucial for various applications including agro-ecosystem models, climatology modeling, crop growth modeling...
doctoral thesis 2015
Mousivand, A. (author), Verhoef, W. (author), Menenti, M. (author), Gorte, B.G.H. (author)
Topography affects the fraction of direct and diffuse radiation received on a pixel and changes the sun–target–sensor geometry, resulting in variations in the observed radiance. Retrieval of surface–atmosphere properties from top of atmosphere radiance may need to account for topographic effects. This study investigates how such effects can be...
journal article 2015
Li, J. (author), Menenti, M. (author), Mousivand, A. (author), Luthi, S.M. (author)
Playas in endorheic basins are of environmental value and highly scientific because of their natural habitats of a wide variety of species and indicators for climatic changes and tectonic activities within continents. Remote sensing, due to its capability of acquiring repetitive data with synoptic coverage, provides a unique tool to monitor and...
journal article 2014