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Hladczuk, N.A. (author), Brown, Anthony (author), Bakker, J. (author), Benson, K. (author), Janßen, Katja (author), Jordan, Stefan (author), Löffler, W. (author), Marchal, Olivier (author), Sarro, Luis Manuel (author), Aerts, Conny (author), David, Marc (author), Gomez, A. (author), Helmer, A. (author), Holland, G. (author), Liao, S. (author), Marcos, J. (author), Mor, Roger (author), Morris, D. (author), Murphy, C. P. (author), Nagy, Z. (author), Weiler, M. (author), Wevers, T. (author), Zhao, He (author)
Context. We present the third data release of the European Space Agency's Gaia mission, Gaia DR3. This release includes a large variety of new data products, notably a much expanded radial velocity survey and a very extensive astrophysical characterisation of Gaia sources. Aims. We outline the content and the properties of Gaia DR3, providing...
journal article 2023
Doorn, N. (author), Gardoni, P (author), Murphy, C (author)
This paper aims to explore how insights from the philosophical and social science literature can be incorporated into the definition of resilient infrastructure so that considerations of social justice can be accounted for and addressed more adequately. Building on the view that engineering ultimately aims to promote societal well-being, this...
journal article 2019