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Naranjani, Benyamin (author), Roohi, Ehsan (author), Ebrahimi, Amin (author)
Cooling of electronic devices is one of the critical challenges that the electronics industry is facing towards sustainable development. Aiming at lowering the surface temperature of the heat sink to limit thermally induced deformations, corrugated channels and nanofluids are employed to improve the thermal and hydraulic performances of a...
journal article 2020
Ebrahimi, Amin (author), Naranjani, Benyamin (author), Milani, Shayan (author), Dadras Javan, Farzad (author)
Heat and fluid flow in a rectangular channel heat sink equipped with longitudinal vortex generators have been numerically investigated in the range of Reynolds numbers between 25 and 200. Aqueous solutions of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) with different concentrations (200–2000 ppm), which are shear-thinning non-Newtonian liquids, have been...
journal article 2017
Ebrahimi, Amin (author), Naranjani, Benyamin (author)
In this study, a flat-plate channel configured with pyramidal protrusions are numerically analysed for the first time. Simulations of laminar single-phase fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics are developed using a finite-volume approach under steady-state condition. Pure water is selected as the coolant and its thermo-physical...
journal article 2016