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Nelemans, Peter (author)
Fully distributed hydrological models take into account the spatial variability of a catchment, and allow for assessing its hydrological response at virtually any location. However, these models can be time-consuming when it comes to model runtime and calibration, especially for large-scale catchments. Meanwhile, deep learning models have shown...
master thesis 2024
van der Lek, Kristian (author), Geenen, Pieter (author), van Alten, Marijn (author), Nelemans, Peter (author)
The study of water is without question an important one. We can learn a lot by studying the theory but in the end, it is essential to actually go out into the field and see the hydrological processes in practice for ourselves. The educational value of fieldwork lies not only in seeing theory become reality but also in experiencing the...
student report 2023