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Ng, Ming Shan (author), Hall, Daniel M. (author), Hsieh, Shang Hsien (author)
The adoption of digital fabrication - fabrication based on digital design - in the early design phase in projects requires a thorough understanding of the liability factors to design the contract. This paper addresses this issue using a two-stage research approach. First, a case study research maps the process from digital design to digital...
journal article 2023
Ng, Ming Shan (author), Hall, Daniel M. (author), Schmailzl, Marc (author), Linner, Thomas (author), Bock, Thomas (author)
As use of digital fabrication increases in architecture, engineering and construction, the industry seeks appropriate management and processes to enable the adoption during the design/planning phase. Many enablers have been identified across various studies; however, a comprehensive synthesis defining the enablers of design for digital...
review 2022