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Troost, Christian (author), Huber, Robert (author), Bell, Andrew R. (author), van Delden, Hedwig (author), Filatova, T. (author), Le, Quang Bao (author), Lippe, Melvin (author), Niamir, Leila (author), Polhill, J. Gareth (author), Sun, Zhanli (author), Berger, Thomas (author)
There has so far been no shared understanding of validity in agent-based simulation. We here conceptualise validation as systematically substantiating the premises on which conclusions from simulation analysis for a particular modelling context are built. Given such a systematic perspective, validity of agent-based models cannot be ensured if...
journal article 2023
Mastrucci, Alessio (author), Niamir, Leila (author), Boza-Kiss, Benigna (author), Bento, Nuno (author), Wiedenhofer, Dominik (author), Streeck, Jan (author), Pachauri, Shonali (author), Wilson, Charlie (author), Chatterjee, Souran (author), Creutzig, Felix (author), Dukkipati, Srihari (author), Feng, Wei (author), Grubler, Arnulf (author), Jupesta, Joni (author), Kumar, Poornima (author), Marangoni, G. (author), Saheb, Yamina (author), Shimoda, Yoshiyuki (author), Shoai-Tehrani, Bianka (author), Yamaguchi, Yohei (author), van Ruijven, Bas (author)
Buildings are key in supporting human activities and well-being by providing shelter and other important services to their users. Buildings are, however, also responsible for major energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during their life cycle. Improving the quality of services provided by buildings while reaching low energy demand ...
review 2023
Savin, Ivan (author), Creutzig, Felix (author), Filatova, T. (author), Foramitti, Joël (author), Konc, Théo (author), Niamir, Leila (author), Safarzynska, Karolina (author), van den Bergh, Jeroen (author)
Ambitious climate mitigation policies face social and political resistance. One reason is that existing policies insufficiently capture the diversity of relevant insights from the social sciences about potential policy outcomes. We argue that agent-based models can serve as a powerful tool for integration of elements from different disciplines....
journal article 2022