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Turkovic, B. (author), Nijhuis, S.H. (author), Kuipers, F.A. (author)
The concept of network slicing enables operators to provision multiple virtual networks on top of a single (shared) physical infrastructure. Adding elasticity to slicing, i.e., the ability to on-demand provision/release dedicated network resources, improves resource utilization. However, efficiently allocating and scaling slice resources,...
conference paper 2021
Nijhuis, S.H. (author), Zwalua, M. (author)
This report will present an implementation of a reliable data communications system, designed to transmit data from several `sensor' nodes to one `central' node and to display this data on a central display. Furthermore an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) was designed an implemented to keep the system running for approximately 9 hours. The...
bachelor thesis 2017