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Nijland, H.A. (author)
This thesis took the policy-analysis framework of Marchau and Walker (2005) as a starting point for assessment and valuation of road and railroad noise impacts and its consequences for noise policy. Four research questions were answered. To what extent can international data on noise, often produced by using different national calculation...
doctoral thesis 2008
Nijland, H.A. (author), Hartemink, S. (author), Van Kamp, I. (author), Van Wee, G.P. (author)
People move to another house for different reasons. It is sometimes presumed that a process of self-selection might take place on the basis of noise sensitivity, i.e., sensitive people would either leave high noise areas or not move into these areas in the first place. Thus, a “survivor population” would remain in the high noise areas. This...
journal article 2007