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Notten, Diederik (author)
The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has been finding it increasingly difficult to carry out its task in recent years. Increasingly, they have been in the news negatively with reports such as poor conditions in Ter Apel, hopeless waiting times for applicants and having to pay penalty payments. Besides the media attention, it is...
master thesis 2023
van 't Geloof, Bart (author), Notten, Diederik (author), de Raad, Oscar (author), van Venrooij, Daan (author), Westerhout, Joost (author)
Kelp Blue is a company whose top priority is the well-being of the planet. Through the cultivation of giant kelp on offshore farms, they create several sustainable products, new job opportunities in regions where they are needed, enhance biodiversity in the water, and above all, sequester tons of CO2 from the air. The start-up is still in its...
student report 2023