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Nur An Nisa Milyana, Nur An-Nisa (author)
In modern-day spatial planning, the implementation of public participation has increased to find a balance between two major actors: the government as the powerholder and citizens as the individual affected by planning decisions. Cities are required to redefine their public participation strategies by adopting modern tools to increase their...
master thesis 2021
Stevers, Vera (author), Roy, Ellie (author), Doan, QUYNH (author), Ramlakhan, Rohit (author), Wu, Jialun (author), Nur An Nisa Milyana, Nur An-Nisa (author)
Open dumping, open burning and burying of municipal solid waste (MSW) can be the cause environmental and public health issues. These practices are more prevalent in developing countries such as Mexico,where proper waste management systems are not present. Considering the environmental and health issues, it is therefore important to minimise the...
student report 2020