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Oirbans, Leonard (author)
This master thesis explores the potential influences of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel behavior change, and projects potential implications of long term travel behavior changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic on accessibility and the allocation of public space in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the year 2030. The first result of this...
master thesis 2021
Faber, R.M. (author), Merkies, Raimbard (author), Damen, Wouter (author), Oirbans, Leonard (author), Massa, Davide (author), Kroesen, M. (author), Molin, E.J.E. (author)
Residential self-selection (RSS) is the theoretical mechanism that explains that the impact of the built environment on travel behaviour is weaker than bivariate correlations suggest, because mode attitudes influence both the built environment and travel behaviour and therefore at least partially account for the bivariate relationship....
journal article 2021