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Olindo, Roberta (author), Schmitt, Nathalie (author), Vogtländer, J.G. (author)
LCAs of electric cars and electrolytic hydrogen production are governed by the consumption of electricity. Therefore, LCA benchmarking is prone to choices on electricity data. There are four issues: (1) leading Life Cycle Impact (LCI) databases suffer from inconvenient uncertainties and inaccuracies, (2) electricity mix in countries is...
journal article 2021
Olindo, Roberta (author), Vogtländer, J.G. (author)
Desulphurization of oil-based fuels is common practice to mitigate the ecological burden to ecosystems and human health of SO<sub>x</sub> emissions. In many countries, fuels for vehicles are restricted to 10 ppm sulphur. For marine fuels, low sulphur contents are under discussion. The environmental impact of desulphurization processes is,...
journal article 2019