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Olsen, Brenda (author)
The needs and interests for 3D data based on large-scale topography are increasing. A wide variety of these 3D data needs have emerged in multiple domains and for many different applications. Though, research have shown that the interoperability of this 3D data nowadays still is a challenging task. Many barriers are caused by different...
master thesis 2019
Hemmes, Tom (author), Li, Weiran (author), van der Maaden, Jippe (author), Olsen, Brenda (author), Veenendaal, Marc-Julien (author)
Point clouds are becoming one of the most common ways to represent geographical data. The scale of acquisition of point clouds is growing steadily. However, point clouds are often very large in storage size and require computationally intensive operations. The integration of point clouds nowadays still face a lot of challenges. This project...
student report 2017