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Buisma-Yi, S.C. (author), Meza Ramos, P.N. (author), Oonk, Hans (author), Gebert, J. (author)
In the Netherlands, three full-scale pilots have been in operation for approximately five years to understand the effects of leachate recirculation or aeration on waste stabilisation. This study employs the ratio of N2 to Ar in the landfill gas in comparison to the ratio in atmospheric air to derive the share of N2 that originates from...
conference paper 2023
van Turnhout, A.G. (author), Oonk, Hans (author), Scharff, Heijo (author), Heimovaara, T.J. (author)
In order to reduce the environmental and financial burden for future generations, approaches are needed to shorten aftercare of landfills. Aeration of the waste-body is a promising approach, however, the poor understanding of transport of gas and water through a waste-body makes it difficult to design an effective aeration strategy. The aim of...
journal article 2020