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Oregui, M. (author), Molodova, M. (author), Nunez, A. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author), Li, Z. (author)
This paper presents a feasibility study to determine if the health condition of Insulated Rail Joints (IRJs) can be assessed by examining their dynamic response to impact excitation. First, a reference dynamic behavior is defined in the frequency domain of 50-1200 Hz based on field hammer test measurements performed on a IRJ baseline (i.e., a...
journal article 2015
Oregui, M. (author), Li, Z. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author)
Rail joints have a shorter service life than most other railway track components. The discontinuity between rail ends turns the rail joint into a weak spot, and consequently, into a track component demanding more frequent maintenance measures, which result in high maintenance costs. Moreover, difficulties are often found when assessing the...
conference paper 2012
Oregui, M. (author), Li, Z. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author), Moraal, J. (author)
In railway tracks, short wave rail surface defects give rise to high wheel-rail dynamic forces and noise. Having a better insight into short wave defect occurrence could lead to development of adapted maintenance methods or track design to delay or avoid defect, so that the high short wave defect related maintenance costs may be reduced. As part...
conference paper 2011