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van der Hucht, Laura (author), Hoogervorst, Chris (author), Storm, Piet (author), Grgic, Petra (author), Ortiz Velasquez, Federico (author), Özdemir, Tolga (author)
In collaboration with the University of the Bahamas, we used the Charette model, the Three-point Approach and the conceptual framework: Build Back Better to propose a solution that involves several aspects: Reduced risk overall, increased social cohesion on the island, improved life quality and reduced costs during reconstruction in the...
student report 2021
Ortiz Velasquez, Federico (author)
The recent Colombian Peace Agreement between the government of Juan Manuel<br/>Santos and FARC-EP offers the opportunity to analyze the transitional justice<br/>model, that aims to address the past violent events and the future of the victims.<br/>The lack of involvement of architecture in the post-conflict dialogue on transitional justice,...
master thesis 2020