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Oskam, P.I.J. (author), Bier, H.H. (author), Alavi, Hamed S. (author)
Minimal interventions that provide various microclimates can stimulate both biodiversity and social accessibility of leftover spaces. New habitats are often developed for different animal and plant species based on studies of the microclimates typical of such residual spaces. By introducing interventions of 0.5-1.0 m diameter ‘planetoids’ placed...
journal article 2022
Oskam, P.I.J. (author), Mota, Joao (author), Bobbink, I. (author)
Under the guise of improving human wellbeing, capitalist societies focus on economic growth and expansion, while neglecting the decline of abandoned urban structures. We approach the results of this abandonment as “new wilderness” landscape: a hybrid of spontaneous nature and architectural decay. Abandoned, wild places still have a negative...
conference paper 2018