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Overkamp, Jean-Luc (author)
Accurate 4D trajectory predictions are required for the implementation of Trajectory Based Operations. In addition, decentralized, free routing can make medium- to long-term flight trajectories more difficult to predict. Novel trajectory prediction techniques are needed, independent of waypoint-to-waypoint navigation and air traffic control...
master thesis 2021
Dek, Casper (author), Overkamp, Jean Luc (author), Toeter, Akke (author), Hoppenbrouwer, Tom (author), Slimmens, Jasper (author), van Zijl, Job (author), Areso Rossi, Pietro (author), Machado, Ricardo (author), Hereijgers, Sjef (author), Kilic, Veli (author), Naeije, M.C. (author)
In recent years, the space market has been pushing towards decreasing costs of launching spacecraft by reusing parts of the launchers. The purpose of this article is to present a feasibility study of a recovery system for the engine and engine frame of an existing, expendable heavy launch vehicle and present recommendations for further...
journal article 2020