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Paauwe, R.A. (author), Hoorn, J.F. (author), Konijn, E.A. (author), Keyson, D.V. (author)
In the near future, human-like social robots will become indispensable for providing support in various social tasks, in particular for healthcare (e.g., assistance, coaching). The perception of realism, in particular human-like features, can help facilitate mediated social interaction. The current study investigated the effects of form realism...
journal article 2015
De Roeck, D.A.J. (author), Standaert, A. (author), Paauwe, R.A. (author), Verwulgen, S. (author), Baelus, C. (author), Stappers, P.J. (author)
Products that embrace and integrate an invisible, digital world are appearing around us in a rapid pace.This emerging type of products introduces a new dynamic between people, objects and the context oruse. The integration of embedded, pervasive and digital technologies in products imposes severalchallenges for the industrial designer. Designing...
conference paper 2012
Paauwe, R.A. (author)
Programming is a powerful tool for interaction designers, which provides significant opportunities in creating and testing new concepts. Designers and more specifically interaction designers go beyond the basic button & led interaction, but generally stay below production level coding and complex professional systems. However, programming for...
master thesis 2012