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Pak, Tom (author)
The Hondsbossche Dunes is a seven-kilometre-long dune, beach and shoreface nourishment that serves as a primary flood defence since 2015. In addition to its protective function, the Hondsbossche Dunes stimulate ecological habitat development in the coastal area, in line with Ecoshape's 'Building with Nature'-approach. Its morphologic development...
master thesis 2019
Molenaar, Floor (author), Pak, Tom (author), de Pous, Hanna (author), van der Werff, Bart-Jan (author)
The city of Guayaquil suffers from regular floods. During the wet season, typically from late December until late April or early May, multiple floods per week can occur. Mainly the excessive rainfall in combination with high tide penetrating into the city results in a high flood risk, but some flood-prone areas can also flood in case of spring...
student report 2018