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Pan, J. (author), Ferreira, Carlos (author), van Zuijlen, A.H. (author)
This study investigates the implementation of the vortex particle method (VPM) with the goal of efficiently and accurately estimating the power performances and flow characteristics for a Savonius rotor. The accuracy and efficiency of simulation methods are critical for the reliable design of Savonius rotors. Among various approaches, VPM is...
journal article 2022
Kwok, T.H. (author), Wan, W. (author), Pan, J. (author), Wang, C.C. (author), Yuan, J. (author), Harada, K (author), Chen, Y. (author)
We present a novel method for caging grasps in this paper by stretching ropes on the surface of a 3D object. Both topology and shape of a model to be grasped has been<br/>considered in our approach. Our algorithm can guarantee generating local minimal rings on every topological branches of a given model with the help of a Reeb graph. Cages and...
conference paper 2016
Minchin, E. (author), Pan, J. (author), Walters, R.C. (author), Fang, D. (author)
Counterfeiting has been around since ancient times. Counterfeiting in modern times was once widespread and not confined to any geographic region. With the globalization efforts following World War II, counterfeiting became an international problem, much of it emanating from Japan’s developing manufacturing-based economy. As Japan’s economy...
conference paper 2011