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Chaudhari, Bhavesh (author), Panda, Biranchi (author), Šavija, B. (author), Chandra Paul, Suvash (author)
Microbiologically induced concrete corrosion (in wastewater pipes) occurs mainly because of the diffusion of aggressive solutions and in situ production of sulfuric acid by microorganisms. The prevention of concrete biocorrosion usually requires modification of the mix design or the application of corrosion-resistant coatings, which requires a...
journal article 2022
Panda, Biranchi (author), Noor Mohamed, Nisar Ahamed (author), Chandra Paul, Suvash (author), Bhagath Singh, GVP (author), Tan, Ming Jen (author), Šavija, B. (author)
The advent of digital concrete fabrication calls for advancing our understanding of the interaction of 3D printing with material rheology and print parameters, in addition to developing new measurement and control techniques. Thixotropy is the main challenge associated with printable material, which offers high yield strength and low viscosity....
journal article 2019