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Doekemeijer, B.M. (author), Boersma, S. (author), Pao, L. Y. (author), van Wingerden, J.W. (author)
Wind farm control research typically relies on computationally inexpensive, surrogate models for real-time optimization. However, due to the large time delays involved, changing atmospheric conditions and tough-to-model flow and turbine dynamics, these surrogate models need constant calibration. In this paper, a novel real-time (joint state...
conference paper 2018
Doekemeijer, B.M. (author), van Wingerden, J.W. (author), Boersma, S. (author), Pao, L. Y. (author)
Wind turbines are often grouped together for financial reasons, but due to wake development this usually results in decreased turbine lifetimes and power capture, and thereby an increased levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Wind farm control aims to minimize this cost by operating turbines at their optimal control settings. Most state-of-the-art...
conference paper 2016