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Doekemeijer, B.M. (author), Boersma, S. (author), Pao, Lucy Y. (author), Knudsen, Torben (author), van Wingerden, J.W. (author)
Wind farm control often relies on computationally inexpensive surrogate models to predict the dynamics inside a farm. However, the reliability of these models over the spectrum of wind farm operation remains questionable due to the many uncertainties in the atmospheric conditions and tough-to-model dynamics at a range of spatial and temporal...
journal article 2018
van Wingerden, J.W. (author), Pao, Lucy (author), Fleming, Paul (author)
For wind farm control, the current practice in industry is that every turbine has its own wind turbine controller that will optimize its own performance in terms of power output, load mitigation, and/or reference tracking. However, in several national American and European1 research projects, researchers from industry and academia have shown...
abstract 2017
van Wingerden, J.W. (author), Pao, Lucy (author), Aho, Jacob (author), Fleming, Paul (author)
Active power control can be used to balance the total power generated by wind farms with the power consumed on the electricity grid. With the increasing penetration levels of wind energy, there is an increasing need for this ancillary service. In this paper, we show that the tracking of a certain power reference signal provided by the...
conference paper 2017