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Parakkat, A.D. (author), Memari, Pooran (author), Cani, Marie Paule (author)
We introduce Delaunay Painting, a novel and easy-to-use method to flat-colour contour-sketches with gaps. Starting from a Delaunay triangulation of the input contours, triangles are iteratively filled with the appropriate colours, thanks to the dynamic update of flow values calculated from colour hints. Aesthetic finish is then achieved,...
journal article 2022
Parakkat, A.D. (author), Cani, Marie-Paule (author), Singh, Karan (author)
We present a novel, interactive interface for the integrated cleanup, neatening, structuring and vectorization of sketch imagery. Converting scanned raster drawings into vector illustrations is a wellresearched set of problems. Our approach is based on a Delaunay subdivision of the raster drawing. We algorithmically generate a colored...
conference paper 2021