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Sun, Yufeng (author), Pardoen, Benoît (author), van den Eijnden, A.P. (author), Wong, Henry (author)
Clay rocks are multiphase porous media having a complex structure and behaviour characterised by heterogeneity, damage and viscosity, existing on a wide range of scales. The mesoscopic scale of mineral inclusions embedded in a clay matrix has an important role in the mechanisms of deformation under mechanical loading by cracking and creeping....
journal article 2023
Pardoen, Benoît (author), Collin, Frédéric (author), Bésuelle, Pierre (author), Charlier, Robert (author), Talandier, Jean (author), Dal Pont, Stefano (author), Cosenza, Philippe (author), van den Eijnden, A.P. (author), Desrues, Jacques (author)
In the context of underground exploitation, the behaviour of rocks near galleries and tunnels conditions their stability. Underground drilling generates deformations, damage, fracturing, and significant modification of flow characteristics in the surrounding rock. However, the influence of small-scale characteristics and behaviour on the rock...
journal article 2020