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Raju, Narayana (author), Patil, Shubham (author), Arkatkar, Shriniwas S. (author), Easa, Said (author)
This study originated with the intent of qualifying traffic string stability from empirical observations. A new responsiveness angle measure was developed to assess driver instincts under vehicle-following conditions. In this measure, the degree of the follower vehicle's attention towards its leader vehicle's actions is quantified. In...
journal article 2022
Patil, Shubham (author), Raju, Narayana (author), Arkatkar, Shriniwas (author), Easa, Said (author)
The present research aims to understand the safety over the midblock road sections and proposes a safety framework using the conventional Time to Collision (TTC) measure. In the present work, the safety framework underlines a supporting structure connecting the actions of the surrounding vehicles and assesses the collisions changes for a given...
journal article 2021