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Peters, T. (author)
Differences in interpretation occur in everyday life. In projects, a set of requirements is developed to achieve a defined goal. Specifying these requirements may establish consensus on how to turn requirements into a preferred solution. However, this consensus achieved cannot hold. We argue that the perceptions, or ‘Modes’ actors have also...
master thesis 2016
Peters, T. (author), Jongerius, Y.R. (author), Franken, J.T. (author), Ponsioen, L.A. (author), Tieleman, O.C. (author)
The Tam Giang-Cau Hai lagoon system, lying in the Thua Thien-Hue province in central Vietnam, is affected by a tropical monsoon climate. This among others is the reason the Cau Hai Lagoon area has a long history of floods and other water related problems. Inhabitants are very dependent on the lagoon, as the main sources of income of people...
student report 2015
Roelofsen, F. (author), Buma, J. (author), Oude Essink, G. (author), Garming, L. (author), Van Oostrom, N. (author), Gehrels, J. (author), Peters, T. (author), Van Meerten, H. (author), Vergroesen, T. (author), Penailillo, R. (author)
Delft en omliggende gemeenten zullen in de komende jaren moeten anticiperen op de mogelijke veranderingen in het onttrekkingsregime voor grondwater van DSM Gist en de geplande aanleg van de spoortunnel onder Delft. Deze veranderingen hebben invloed op het watersysteem en daarmee op het waterbeheer. In het kader van het onderzoeksprogramma ...
report 2007