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Cecchetti, Leonardo (author), Wang, Tianshi (author), Hoogendoorn, Ayla (author), Witberg, Karen T. (author), Ligthart, Jurgen M.R. (author), Daemen, Joost (author), van Beusekom, Heleen M.M. (author), Pfeiffer, Tom (author), van der Steen, A.F.W. (author)
To quantify the impact of cardiac motion on stent length measurements with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and to demonstrate in vivo OCT imaging of implanted stents, without motion artefacts. The study consists of: clinical data evaluation, simulations and in vivo tests. A comparison between OCT-measured and nominal stent lengths in 101...
journal article 2020
Doug Deen, Aaron (author), Pfeiffer, Tom (author), Van Beusekom, Heleen (author), Essers, J. (author), Huber, Robert (author), van der Steen, A.F.W. (author), Van Soest, Gijs (author), Wang, Tianshi (author)
The absorption of laser pulses by tissue leads not only to the generation of acoustic waves, but also to nanometer to sub-micrometer scale displacement. After the initial expansion, a quasi-steady state is achieved in a few microseconds. Previously we introduced the concept of thermo-elastic optical coherence tomography (TE-OCT) to "visualise...
conference paper 2020
Wang, Tianshi (author), Pfeiffer, Tom (author), Wu, Min (author), Wieser, Wolfgang (author), Amenta, Gaetano (author), Draxinger, Wolfgang (author), van der Steen, A.F.W. (author), Huber, Robert (author), Van Soest, Gijs (author)
The absorption of nanosecond laser pulses induces rapid thermo-elastic deformation in tissue. A sub-micrometer scale displacement occurs within a few microseconds after the pulse arrival. In this Letter, we investigate the laser-induced thermo-elastic deformation using a 1.5 MHz phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. A...
journal article 2017