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Merino Martinez, R. (author), Pieren, R.D. (author), Snellen, M. (author), Simons, D.G. (author)
Noise emissions from wind turbines are one of the main issues that the wind energy industry must deal with nowadays. Strict noise regulations often prevent wind turbines to operate at maximum power conditions, causing large losses of power production and, hence, of revenue. Several noise reduction measures have been proposed so far, but the...
conference paper 2019
Pieren, R.D. (author)
Environmental noise caused by traffic and industrial facilities is a relevant health factor in urban areas, along major traffic routes and in the vicinity of airports. The technique of auralization helps exploring the relationships between sound and its impact on people under fully controlled conditions. Further, by directly addressing the...
doctoral thesis 2018
Pieren, R.D. (author), Heutschi, Kurt (author), Aalmoes, R (author), Simons, D.G. (author)
By directly addressing the hearing sensation, auralization is an intuitive means for the assessment and communication of noise scenarios. Authenticity can be fu1iher improved by offering visual information. Currently, various auralization and visualization systems exist, that differ with respect to their sound and image signal generation as well...
conference paper 2017