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Bijker, E.W. (author), Van der Leijé, J.P. (author), Pilon, J.J. (author), Svasek, J.N. (author), In 't Veld, J.K. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author)
When longshore sediment transport is interrupted by a construction along a coast, e.g harbour moles or a dredged approach channel, the equilibrium of the coastline may be disturbed. When the disruption is caused by breakwaters, the longshore transport that is held back will cause accretion updrift of the breakwaters and erosion downdrift of them...
conference paper 1981
Aarse, J.A.A. (author), van Delden, D. (author), van Geest, H. (author), Keller, F. (author), Klinckhamers, L.A.A.M. (author), Monster, D. (author), Pilon, J.J. (author), Vis, A.E.R.E. (author), van de Weerdt, J. (author)
Beschrijving van de veranderingen in het gebied (Voorne-Putten, Rozenburg) door en direct na de watersnoodramp van 1953, de aanleg van de havens van Rotterdam (Botlek, Europoort), de opoffering van het natuurgebied “De Beer”, en de (nooit uitgevoerde) plannen om van heel Voorne-Putten een havengebied te maken.
report 1978
Pilon, J.J. (author)
For 15 years already, fixed wave gauges for semi-continuous wave observations are used along the Netherlands coast. The waterdepth at location, as much as 6 km from the coastline, varies from 5 to 10 meters below M.S.L. The gauge - in general built of steel – carries the apparatus for measuring, registration and transmitting and also provides...
report 1974