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McDaniel, Elizabeth A. (author), Wahl, S.A. (author), Ishii, Shun'ichi (author), Pinto, Ameet (author), Ziels, Ryan (author), Nielsen, Per Halkjær (author), McMahon, Katherine D. (author), Williams, Rohan B.H. (author)
Advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatics approaches over almost the last three decades have substantially increased our ability to explore microorganisms and their functions – including those that have yet to be cultivated in pure isolation. Genome-resolved metagenomic approaches have enabled linking powerful...
review 2021
Liu, G. (author), Zhang, Ya (author), van der Mark, E.J. (author), Magic-Knezev, Aleksandra (author), Pinto, Ameet (author), van den Bogert, Bartholomeus (author), Liu, Wentso (author), van der Meer, W.G.J. (author), Medema, G.J. (author)
The general consensus is that the abundance of tap water bacteria is greatly influenced by water purification and distribution. Those bacteria that are released from biofilm in the distribution system are especially considered as the major potential risk for drinking water bio-safety. For the first time, this full-scale study has captured and...
journal article 2018