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Wong, H.S. (author), Poole, A.B. (author), Wells, B. (author), Eden, M. (author), Barnes, R. (author), Ferrari, J. (author), Fox, R. (author), Yio, M.H.N. (author), Copuroglu, Oguzhan (author)
Water to cement (w/c) ratio is usually the most important parameter specified in concrete design and is sometimes the subject of dispute when a shortfall in concrete strength or durability is an issue. However, determination of w/c ratio in hardened concrete by testing is very difficult once the concrete has set. This paper presents the...
journal article 2020
Latham, J.P. (author), Mannion, M.B. (author), Poole, A.B. (author), Bradbury, A.P. (author), Allsop, N.W.H. (author)
This is the second of two reports relating to a collaborative prograrmne of random wave flume tests to quantify the effect of rock shape on stability. The first report, SR 150, by Hydraulics Research, Wallingford, gives a summary of recent advances in design methods for rock armoured coastal structures and presents a detailed description of the...
report 1988