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Possel, B.M.J. (author), Lindenbergh, R.C. (author), Storms, J.E.A. (author)
The formation of the current Rhine-Meuse delta mainly took place during the last 12 000 years. Consecutive avulsions, i.e. sudden changes in the course of river channels, resulted in a complicated pattern of sandy channel deposits, surrounded by peat and clay. Knowledge of this pattern is not only interesting from a geohistorical viewpoint, but...
conference paper 2010
Possel, B.M.J. (author)
The formation of the current Rhine-Meuse delta has mainly taken place during the Holocene (the last 12,000 years). This period is characterised by avulsions that lead to sudden shifts in the location of river channels. The channel deposits left behind by abandoned rivers are often distinct sandy layers in the shallow sub-surface, called buried...
master thesis 2010